Friday, March 27, 2009


I do not know how to turn pictures, but this is owen in his outfit for pageant..he is adorable and loves it
For Owens party we had a pile of sand and dirt for the kids to play in, it was GREAT! Due to weather we had to put it in our garage!
Owens first Birthday and his smash cake
My sweet baby Boy!
Owen and his MaMaw at Mardi Gras!
Just hanging out taking in the Mardi Gras parade with a cookie!

Owen J is just being silly!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ok so I am changing my blog up but have to go get my hair did! It looks silly right now!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I told you I would get better

So today I did another ultrasound for fun, and ITS STILL A GIRL! haha. Yesterday Hanna went and got an ultrasound done again, but her little girl became a little BOY!!! She is so excited! I guess I went and got one done because it scared me hers changed!
Its supposed to rain here all the rest of the week so that is not going to be fun. And we have pageant tomorrow night. This weekend is Missions Day at church so we will be doing that. I am supposed to be cleaning houses, eww! On that note....
Tomorrow will be Ms Toni ( my maids ) last day. Im scared.. I know that sounds horrible but I have had her since I moved here. And yes, it was all my choice to get rid of her. She will be helping Dianne out more which is good and I will be saving a lot of money that can and should be going to tuition for my childrens schooling in the future ( BECAUSE ITS NOT CHEAP!!!)...Wish me luck on my cleaning. I started Monday and so far so good. I do at least an hour a day and once I get caught up on my laundry, will do a load a day.
Well it is almost 8 oclock and Owen is still going strong. I need to get him calmed down so I can go to bed, I AM SLEEPY!
Post again soon,

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Update on the Jordans!

Since I got my iPhone I never ever come up here anymore to type and update this thing. I promise I will get better. So whats going on here . ..
Well we found out what we are having and its a GIRL YAY! We are so excited and I cant wait to start buying things for her. I have been feeling fine and it is really flying by because Owen keeps me so busy. A friend of mine works at my dr's office so she gets me in to do ultrasounds all the time. Also another friend works at the hospital doing ultra sounds so she does them for me is great!
Owen J is doing good. Playing outside all the time. We had a crawfish boil last night and he had tons of friends over to play. We are doing the Natchez Historic Pageant right now and it doesnt start until 8 two nights a week so he has been staying up until 930 every night lately.
I took him to the zoo in Baton Rouge last week and he loved it. I didnt think he would be much into the animals but he was! We went with our "playdate group" who we meet with once a week, but on pretty weeks we meet alot more than that! He chipped his tooth somewhere, I just noticed it, but the dentist said it will be fine because its a baby tooth so I guess that is good ...
We found out today that another friend of mine is pregnant and due 2 weeks after me...she waited a while to tell but that makes like my 5th friend that is pregnant right now, and my best friend Hanna knows that she is having another little girl too! Our little girls name will be Anna something , probably Anna Leigh Jordan. Its my favorite and Doug says he named Owen so I get to name this one. THANKS!
Doug is doing good, still saying he never gets to go fishing ( HA!).....
I am going to New Orleans on April 3 to see Beth Moore with some friends from church, should be a fun trip and I look forward to it. Tonight at church we are having a "wild game cookout", they have moose, elk, karibou, alligator, all kinds of stuff a pregnant person might turn their nose up at....but Ill go for the fellowship, Doug is cooking alligator with our friend Ryan..
As for the house, still for sale . . contract is up next month and I am praying on what to do next. . I have a nursery and a big boy room to get ready ( not that Owen is sleeping in his room or anything), tonsils ruined us on that but Doug said he is about to get Owen back sleeping in his room . . . PRAY for THAT!
Dougs grandmother is doing ok now . She had surgery 2 weeks ago tomorrow for colon problems and was having problems after that. Diannes mother, my other mother in laws mother, is not doing so well either and it is weiring on our Mimi ( Dianne) so please pray for her too.
I have alot of other things going on but I am not sure it is stuff any of you would care about..Garden Club, Vacation Bible Schoool, Junior Aux.....blah blah....but all in all we are great..and we are going to the beach on May 9!! SOOO EXCITED!!!
I will keep up more I promise
Kristin, Doug, and Owen J