Thursday, April 23, 2009


So whats going on??
Well I am going to Lafayette this weekend for the first time since August! Wow I know. It will be fun, Megan will be in town so Ill get to see her and hopefully find some baby bedding for
Anna Leigh.
The class I teach at church, Acteens, is almost over and our recognition service is coming next weekend. We are stressing about next year since me and Hanna will be having babies in August but God will take care of that I have no doubt.
My family and Hannas family are leaving May 9 for Destin for a week and I am SOOOO EXCITED. It will be Owens first trip to the beach.
You would think I had a lot more going on since I last posted put not really..Hopefully I will find bedding and be able to post pictures to share!
Hope yall have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Its Tuesday!

So, I am able to sneak up here while Owen J naps..our nap came late today because we had church at noon for Holy Week. But I had to share about my weekend. All I can say is WOW. If you ever get a chance to go to a Beth Moore conference GO! It definatly (sp?) put us all ON FIRE FOR the LORD! I laughed, danced, cried, and prayed like I hadnt in a long time. It was such a moving experience and I was glad I got to share it with my close friends. She is awesome, even if you can just do one of her bible studies through DVD do it..
New Orleans was fun. We shopped and ate, ALOT.. Sunday morning we went to Brennan's for breakfast and I still am craving it but it was def. $$$ for breakfast, worth every penny to me!
When I got home Sunday Owen J was not all that impressed to see me but he looked like he had gained 10 lbs!
This weekend is easter and we were going to go to Lafayette but since I was out of town last weekend and there is an easter egg hunt at church Saturday and I want to be at church on Sunday we are postponing until April 25. and Megan will be there then so thats a plus. My parents are not to happy but , what can I do!?
I was just reading my friend Erins blog and she has big news she wont share..and I DONT have patience for that...........
Thursday is my 20 week ultrasound where they check the heart and organs and search and hopefully tell me 100% she is still a girl! Mine is at 830 and Hannas is the same day, that afternoon...
Not much else is going on..helping a friend of mine who is getting a divorce move into her new house, going to church this week, and Doug has been practicing softball so our church can have like the best team ever apparently..
Will post again soon
The Jordans

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So I know its only Wednesday but I have a lot going on just updating all on my weekend...
I am going to New Orleans with a bunch of girls from church for a Beth Moore Living Proof Conference, cant wait to let you know about it, we are very excited! 11 of us are going Friday and 5 of us are staying for a second night. The conference is over Saturday at noon but we are staying to just hang out and relax since it will be just girls! Crazy...I know...
Tomorrow my grandmother and Russell are coming to visit and see Owen J, I have meetings tomorrow night but its not like they are coming to see me.
Doug and Owen are staying at Dougs moms house and Doug will fish Saturday in his tournament while Ms Peggy takes Owen to the Delta Music Festival in Ferriday, exciting! haha
I leave 8 a.m. Friday and have lots of clothes to iron before I go because if you recall, no more Ms Toni!! And just to let you know that is going fairly well and I am proud of myself!
Hope you all have a great weekend!