Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wow, when is the last time I blogged???

It has been a while! So long that my sweet Baby Sweets ( Anna Leigh ) wasnt even born the last time...maybe that is why, HA! She is now 18 months of badness, and Owen J will be three years old next week, wow! Where does time go?
Soon after AL was born we moved into a new home in a great neighborhood with great neighbors and friends. We have been here a while now and I am just getting to decorating the house how I want it. Decorating is no easy or cheap task, but I could not put it off anymore.
Not to many exciting things going on around here. Pageant is about to start up and consume my life for a few months and then Vacation Bible School will be close behind. I look forward to VBS though, Such a wonderful thing to see children growing in their faith!

Wish I had more to blog on!
Love you all

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