Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Beach and an Update

Hello All!
I got myAir Conditioner working up here so I can come use my computer again!
Our trip to the beach was so fun. It was unlike any other beach trip ever. I have never spent so little time in the water, but Owen J ruled. He could stand about 30 minutes at the beach followed by about 30 in the pool and he was drained. Soon after that it was nap time followed by back to the beach and pool. He loved to eat the sand ( YuK!) He was not afraid at all of anything! It was insane and so very tiring I can not lie. Relaxing is not a word I would use. Our trip home we got stuck in traffic and they had to shut down the interstate, Owen is still traumatized and screams when we get in the car!!

We arent doing much this weekend, my parents are in town because its a long weekend and we are cooking fish with them and the Marchbanks' tonight at our house. Tomorrow our friends Tommy and Mary Katherine's son Nathan Connor is being christened so we will go to church with them and eat at their house after.

I have just been keeping busy with Owen, we just bought him big boy furniture and are in the process of moving his room and getting Anna Leigh's room ready, just waiting for her bedding to arrive so I can choose a paint color for her room..

Hope everyone is well,

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