Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well, today is my anniversary.. Two years ! 2 babies! hahah...Not much is going on, we leave Saturday for Destin and I am SOOO excited. I am going to the doctor again Thursday just for a checkup and getting my hair done.
We took our house off the market for now. So I get to start decorating the nursery and Owens room. I look forward to that and promise to post pictures of bedding.
Owen is 90 to nothin and I am getting worn OUT! Being pregnant in the summer is well, HOT!
I am such a random blogger . .
There was a bad storm here Sunday night and the power is still out at Jordan Carriers, so talk about HOT..luckily ours came back on Sunday afternoon but it got pretty bad, many homes got trees in them and trees were just down everywhere.
I wish I had more to tell you all about but we just arent that exciting...My computer at home is broken so I dont get to blog much, sorry!
Plan to post pictures of Owen at the beach when we get back!

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