Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So I know its only Wednesday but I have a lot going on just updating all on my weekend...
I am going to New Orleans with a bunch of girls from church for a Beth Moore Living Proof Conference, cant wait to let you know about it, we are very excited! 11 of us are going Friday and 5 of us are staying for a second night. The conference is over Saturday at noon but we are staying to just hang out and relax since it will be just girls! Crazy...I know...
Tomorrow my grandmother and Russell are coming to visit and see Owen J, I have meetings tomorrow night but its not like they are coming to see me.
Doug and Owen are staying at Dougs moms house and Doug will fish Saturday in his tournament while Ms Peggy takes Owen to the Delta Music Festival in Ferriday, exciting! haha
I leave 8 a.m. Friday and have lots of clothes to iron before I go because if you recall, no more Ms Toni!! And just to let you know that is going fairly well and I am proud of myself!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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