Thursday, April 23, 2009


So whats going on??
Well I am going to Lafayette this weekend for the first time since August! Wow I know. It will be fun, Megan will be in town so Ill get to see her and hopefully find some baby bedding for
Anna Leigh.
The class I teach at church, Acteens, is almost over and our recognition service is coming next weekend. We are stressing about next year since me and Hanna will be having babies in August but God will take care of that I have no doubt.
My family and Hannas family are leaving May 9 for Destin for a week and I am SOOOO EXCITED. It will be Owens first trip to the beach.
You would think I had a lot more going on since I last posted put not really..Hopefully I will find bedding and be able to post pictures to share!
Hope yall have a great weekend!

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